Work Placements & Jobs in Great Britain

Britt House can arrange jobs with lodging in Britain. Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary job or a short unpaid placement, we can help.

Our many contacts with companies and our synergy with the European Work Experience Programme and Work UK will ensure that you find a position which is right for you. 

          Work UK - Live and work in the UK and Great Britain  

Companies we have placed people in in the past include:
Cardiff Marketing, Admiral Insurance, Heathrow and Gatwick Airport, Great Foster Hotel, Harry Ramsdens, Bridgend Borough Council, McDonald's Restuarants, Burger King, Costa Café, Garfunkels Restaurant, Oatland Park Hotel, University Hospital Cardiff, BBC Wales, Tap and Spile, Campanile, Sock Shop, The Hilton Hotel, Planet Hollywood, Queens Moat Hotels,Jurys Hotels, Ibis Hotels, KFC, Gatwick and Heathrow Airports etc.

Click here to see some examples of the kind of lodging Britt House provides for English students in London.


"...Travel to Wales, must say it was a success, children had fun and great experiences. My collegue was positively impressed by everyone's kindness.......... I want to thank you myself for your constant attention , that I feel goes beyond your business. Thanks, again."
Conchi English teacher from CORDOBA who brings her Spanish students to Wales every year via Britt House

"An easy and safe way to work in England, I could start working the day after my arrival in London. The host families were great. I improved my English a lot, especially my oral expression and comprehension and I earned enough money to make a nice benefit."
G. Ventura, IAE de Nantes, summer 2012

"In September 2011, you sent an email to explain the offer of Adrian Chess of Britt House. Thanks to this one, I could get my unpaid placement and this summer I went from 15 July to 11 August to London. I just wanted to say to you everything in this placement was good. My host family and people in the company where I worked were nice. Moreover I could visit London during my week-ends. Thus my trip in London was a very interesting experience. Thank you for having given this information."
P Y Willaume ECN Nantes 10/09/2012

J Classe ( on his daughter's unpaid work experience in Bridgend, August 2012)

"Le séjour d'Arien se déroule impeccablement. La famille Stone est parfaite et mon fils est enchanté. L’accueil qu'il a reçu et l’intérêt que lui porte la famille sont probablement les meilleures que j'ai vu au sein de la dizaine de voyages qu'on effectués mes enfants."
Mme Croisard Juillet 2012

"Greg was happy about his time in London.....THANKS"
M. J. Evain on Britt House/EWEP July 2012

"Britt House est une entreprise fiable dirigée avec une grande compétence et beaucoup de sérieux par Adrian Chess avec qui notre établissement travaille depuis de nombreuses années."
Isabelle le Corguillé, Nantes, France